If you have seen black ebony girls with piercing in a modeling advertisement you have seen the real thing. It is an exaggeration to use the term ebony girls with piercing as it is now so common for black women to wear earrings, nose rings and other types of jewelry on their ears, noses or lips. But even with the changing fashion ebony girls with piercing have always been very popular with both black and white women. The ebonie is a kind of a British Afro-Caribbean traditional headpiece consisting of a large hairless piece of ironwood that is worn on the head and is connected to a hard-wearing metal frame around the face by means of one or more thin chains.

The beauty of the bone lies in its flexibility, being that it can be twisted around the head or alternatively positioned horizontally and the scalp. The attractive feature of the bone is that it is made from a fine-grained ironwood wood which is waterproof and resistant to bacteria and fungi, although it can be damaged if handled roughly. The long wooden cord is laced onto a frame that is made from either heavy or light metal and the thick upper band may contain beads that are connected to each other with white-hot brass threads.

In the past the bone was worn by many people in Africa, particularly women in the south of that country. This is perhaps due to the fact that ironwood has been used in Africa for thousands of years, being particularly valued in Africa as a wood for crafts. It was probably introduced by traders as they gradually came to understand the value of the wood, which is now widely used for headgear. The traditional African bone has gone through many changes in style but it is still worn by many black women, who know that this headgear will never go out of fashion.