Long nails are in style again, and black women are proud of them. Their long nails are a great choice for fashion models and an obvious way to stand out from the crowd. What better way to show everyone how confident you are than with a pair of long nails. Women have been getting their nails done for centuries and now long nails are again being portrayed as sexy and flirty.

You can enjoy many styles that ebony girls have chosen for their long nails. Many of these styles are simple, elegant and fashionable. One way that these long nails are designed is by having the cuticles are cut from one color. The first step is to apply a clear coat of acrylic to the nails. A cover of acrylic will help you get a cleaner and smoother look. Your nails will stay looking great and they will look extra long with the clear coat.

After the acrylic is applied to the nails you can begin the process of painting on your base coat. This is where you use acrylic to fill in your nails. In this way you will create a more natural look for your nails and achieve a beautiful, long and elegant look. These days you can find many styles of acrylic nails that are applied with a brush or nail file. You can also choose to do your nails with tape or even vinyl.