Brown hair Ebony girls are all different in their own special way. Ebony is the color of the soil in Haiti. So when they come into America they have a different look. First of all they have lighter skin than most Black girls do. Their hair is also darker and has less frizz. Ebony girls also have freckles on their skin that are white. Some of them have a faint trace of dark brown in their hair.

Black girls with blonde hair are generally labeled as blonde. They are usually considered to be lighter than the hair color goes higher up on the head. These girls are freckled and have a tendency to have a bit of brown in their hair as well. It depends on the lighting in which they are in but often times the hair is lighter than most of us think.

The ebony hair texture is very soft and silky smooth. It can be curly or straight and has very fine hair. The body and face of ebony girls can be great to look at and also very curvy. However, because of the lack of eyelashes many ebony girls will have short eyelashes and have no eyebrows. These girls are beautiful and strong, so there is not much that we can do to change this.