Brown eyes are just great but not for Ebony girls. But, I mean, you know. But, I have a young lady who is quite pale and brown and it makes me uncomfortable because I want to have brown eyes so bad. So I was looking at the recipes and she does like chocolate, but she would prefer if I didn’t eat it. But, you know, it was hard to find one that was specifically written to brown eyes. I think mine are fine but she likes them differently. Anyway, I thought you might like to know this information.

You can try out several things, like dark chocolate, sweet red food coloring, banana chocolate, banana and peanut butter eye shadow, or anything with browned parts that don’t look burnt, like burnt orange pecans or Cayenne or something similar. But, don’t get too excited just yet. The most important thing to remember is that darker chocolate is harder to use on eyes. The chocolate will spread and “cook” on the eyelashes. It’s really easy to get a burned look if the chocolate is spread on too fast. It’s okay though, as long as you just wait a little bit before you apply it.

In any case, try your best to go with the brown eyes. And you know how I know? It’s hard to buy online because of how fancy and expensive many of these products are.