The Booty Ebony Girls t-shirt was created by the same clothing company that created the Booty Ebony brand, which is owned by a different brand of clothing manufacturer. The shoe worn by Baby E being shot from a high-speed motorcycle was the perfect candidate for being immortalized in a new t-shirt. The Booty Ebony Girls t-shirt will be an instant hit with people that like high-heeled shoes. This particular design was created by boot-hop artist Hila and used to be available only to children who are members of New York’s largest street gang, the Black P Stone Trio. Since this t-shirt is made from soft cotton and has a smooth, fashionable feel, it makes for a comfortable garment that goes great with your everyday wear.

The name Booty Ebony Girls is using to make it sound sexy without being explicit. While the idea of getting a pair of high-heeled shoes is sexy, it would be silly for someone to have sex on them. So, you might say that these shoes are sexy without actually saying it out loud. So, don’t just think the t-shirt is sexy, but wear it and make a statement that there is nothing wrong with a sexy t-shirt. If you don’t want to be the only person in the world wearing one of these, then go out and get one today!

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