The ebony girls have all the black hair colors available in the market that are too dark for the blue hair shades. This can be difficult to accept at first but you have to remember that there is a reason for that. What is it? Well, the ebony color is a lot lighter than the standard shade of black hair. Therefore, ebony hair would look better with other colors. Here is the process on how to do that.

When you do your coloring of your ebony hair, you would notice that your roots are too dark and it would look like you have short black hair. That is why you should try to give your roots more attention. There are several ways to do that. If you have chosen your ebony hair shade lightly then just use lighter hair products on it to help it go down a bit. You can also consider adding an outline to your roots. Just make sure that you do not use highlights or pencil highlights around your roots since they will just draw attention to them.

Now that you know what your roots are good for, then you could try to highlight them with a light blue hair shade. You could use a soft brush to do this and then, blend it with your hair so that you do not appear to have longer hair. Do not go for anything too dramatic but you could also try out an outline from the roots to your ends. Finally, you could consider giving your hair a slight curl by using a natural curl brush.