There are many differences between blonde hair and ebony hair. For one thing, ebony hair is naturally dry and oily while blonde hair is naturally dry and cool. This is one of the most obvious differences. But there are also some other differences that go far beyond this one factor. Below are a few differences that you might want to think about before deciding which hair color you want for yourself.

Blonde hair is more brittle than ebony hair. When we refer to brittle, we are referring to the fact that blonde hair has little structure. Once the roots of hair get in contact with moisture, they quickly begin to lose their structure. This means that even though your hair looks great when it is in its natural state, it will be more prone to breakage if you use products designed to bring out its structure. For people who have curly hair, this is one of the main reasons that curly people seem to have such fantastic hair.

Blonde girls have more shine. Many people often mistake the appearance of blonde hair for being cool and shiny, but this is not the case at all. Instead, blonde hair tends to be a bit dull and sandy looking. The color is actually pretty bright in its own right, but because of the lack of structure in it, it has to be put through a process that makes it appear shiny. So even though you may have an extremely stunning hair style, the next time you go out it is likely that you won’t have any shine to it.