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This Year Santa’s Ebony Girl Comes Earlier


In the week prior to Christmas, the Santas are running away with it in this year’s “Ebony Girl Comes Earlier” photo contest. We’re talking about a contest that features actual photos of the Santas from Tiffany’s in New York City having fun in their new outfits and taking a holiday stroll along Fifth Avenue. The celebrities in the photographs include the same names as those featured in last year’s version of the “Ebony Girl Comes Earlier” contest, plus Vanessa Williams and John Travolta as well as new faces being featured for the second time.

There’s mystery in these photos and many questions about how much thought went into their design. As this year’s contest winner, you get to take a stab at guessing what the real prizes are, which may include the chance to win any number of items that could be categorized as gifts, travel expenses, gift cards, or even cash. Last year’s celebrity contests included such things as; a trip to New York City to visit Tiffany’s for the Grand Opening, a trip to Las Vegas, to experience live entertainment at the MGM Grand, an evening dinner at The Doheny Inn & Casino, a VIP pair of tickets to the world-renowned Andy Warhol’s Factory show, two tickets to the Sandman Concert, or a shot of Hennessy for the ladies. You’ll also receive a picture of a random person in one of the Santas’ photos.

The prize package is unique in that you’ll be submitting your photo to the contest via email to its website and receiving it by mail from its office within 48 hours. By going the extra mile for the fans, the competition has been beefed up. The winner of this year’s “Ebony Girl Comes Earlier” photo contest will receive an airline ticket and lodging expenses. In addition, the contest winner will be able to select between the following gifts:

A trip for two (double) – Travel expenses not included. One winner will receive an all-inclusive, four-night hotel stay at the finest accommodations in Las Vegas, the world’s gambling capital.

An evening in the concert theatre with the band – One winner will receive an evening show in the musical She Loves Me, starring Luke Wilson. This show features the Grammy Award winning band featuring guests such as Elton John, George Benson, Johnny Mathis, Janet Jackson, James Brown, and more.

A free trip to Las Vegas for two (double) – Two winners will receive two tickets to the 3rd Annual Santas of Las Vegas spectacular. The Santas of Las Vegas come together for a night of fun and entertainment before setting out to kick-off a charity fund-raiser and are dedicated to helping children in need.

Two tickets to see the show of their lives – One winner will get two tickets to see Missy Elliott perform her hit single, “Danger”. The fan-favorite comes from pop sensation, and not only does she have a hot singing voice, but she has an upbeat personality that is no doubt something you want to see and experience for yourself.

The list goes on with more great gifts to be won. With the great prizes and the secrets behind this year’s contest, you should definitely check out this year’s edition of “Ebony Girl Comes Earlier” photos.