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This Ebony Latina Does Not Need A Boyfriend


The Herself; This Ebony Latina Does Not Need a Boyfriend is the tale of a sexy Latina princess who cannot find a boy to share her time with, as well as an adult. Although she hopes it will be an adventure, she soon discovers that he is just a big bad man-child, and she will never become his mistress or be his wife. Once he escapes with the money, he attacks her mother and they have to escape together. This Ebony Latina Does Not Need a Boyfriend is written by Elena Lewis who has written several books of the same title.

The writing is excellent characters. However, there is one thing that I did not like about this book. The heroines did not do any rescuing. I understand that it is their job to rescue the men from their captors, but we all know that their life is more important than that of the men. They just spent all their energy trying to win over a guy, so I felt that it was an unfinished job.

It was obvious that I was missing one thing that could have helped this eBook. Fortunately, I found out about this eBook after reading the book. After you finished reading this eBook, you may want to know some more about the story.

Jason, a young man of 28, becomes a father for the first time. He moves in with his girlfriend, Karen, but just cannot stop thinking about being on the beach all day with his new son. Karen is not interested in his constant phone calls, so he decides to try out his revenge by breaking into the son’s bedroom to see if he is sleeping with his mother. Unfortunately, he learns the hard way that Jason is not the baby’s father.

However, the time of his crime is not over yet. Jason learns that his friend’s girlfriend, Jessica, has an important meeting with her doctor. He also learns that Jessica is having an affair and she doesn’t want Jason to know about it.

Jason decides to follow Jessica’s car to the doctor’s office, where he finds out that Jessica is with a man named Jose, but he really wants to take Jessica back to his apartment. Jason thinks that if he breaks into Jose’s apartment and kills him, he can make Jessica reveals that he is Jose’s father.

What Jason does not know is that Jose is a famous bodyguard who protects many celebrities. Jessica and Jose have a secret rendezvous, and Jason arrives just in time to rescue Jessica. This Ebony Latina Does Not Need a Boyfriend was written so well, it keeps my attention all throughout the entire story.

If you are looking for something good to read while you are alone, then I would recommend this book. The plot is very interesting and I felt that I became familiar with the characters before the end of the book.