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Perfect Heart Shaped Ebony Butt


My Perfect Heart Shaped Ebony Butt is so comfortable, so unique and quite literally, the real deal. Her website, “Honest Beauty”, is really an oasis in the beautiful, dreary online world of makeup. It’s a world that sometimes can be very challenging to navigate and I have been relying on her tips, recommendations and products for years.

So I was very impressed when she called me up one day, to tell me she was visiting Hocus Pocus! I was immediately on my feet, thanks to her friendliness. My heart is pounding as I tell you how much she has helped me with my flawless skin, the best foundation ever, the perfect bronzer, flawless blush, the best eye shadows…and most importantly…her bronzer….to die for! Her bronzer is one of a kind and it took me a few tries to get it just right but she got it.

Like my Perfect Heart Shaped Ebony Butt, April Mendez’ site, Honest Beauty, is filled with truly amazing products that help women look and feel their best. The all-natural skin care, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation products are excellent. The end results are permanent and I’ve tried some of the products myself and they have helped me look younger and better than ever. Her skin care products are truly amazing and I’m addicted to her bronzer and makeup brushes. They are so soft and I’ve been using them for so long.

Not to mention, the list of things she has done for me is almost too long to list. She was one of the first makeup artists to give me great reviews and I am grateful to her for sharing her expertise with me. The items she has sent me, for example, her lipstick, blush and eye shadow palette, made the perfect gift for me for my birthday, my mother’s birthday and many other special events.

April Mendez has done a wonderful job on the Honest Beauty website. It’s not always easy to create beauty tips and videos for the site, but she has done an incredible job.

My Beautiful Friends has a woman who was born with a beautiful body and can barely walk, who now manages to look fabulous and sexy in her clothes. She has been a complete delight to watch and I often marvel at her determination and passion to look good.

April Mendez has shown me what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my makeup. She has helped me with my overall makeup and skin care regime, but is not afraid to show me her innovative beauty products, tips and ideas and let me know if I’m doing something wrong.

The Beautiful Friend is a place where a woman can share her beauty secrets with a trusted friend. I love that the site features honest, personal, honest advice, knowledge and answers, which make it a very honest place. It’s wonderful.