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The Hot Ebony Sex Story is exactly what it sounds like, an all new story featuring the sexiest, most fascinating ebony woman to ever grace the web – Ada Nicole! Ada Nicole is the real deal when it comes to great ebony women and Ada’s not one to be messed with!

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In the first story, Julia Stone is dating a man who is very careful with his money and will go out of his way to pick up a sugar baby but will he be careful with his cash? This is a question the narrator must find out and then solve!

The second story deals with a very popular television personality who is currently married to another rich guy but who has just moved back home because she just fell in love with her black boyfriend. What happens to her once she gets married?

The last story is all about a famous black comedian who moved into a house with his partner and soon found out that he is more than just a house husband. Then the two of them find out that they may be a little more than they thought and that sometimes real life surprises us.

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