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Anita Burrell is a hot ebony babe who loves to please herself. In fact, she’s so into pleasing herself that she feels bad about going to bed with a man. Well, it’s not her fault that her husband will not let her be with him because he doesn’t approve of her porno habit.

Burrell started masturbating about 2 years ago when she came home from work one day. She knew she had a problem and in fact she considered herself a compulsive masturbator. So she tried masturbation on her own but it was only ever for her problems. She couldn’t do it for more than 2 hours at a time because then she would have to masturbate again.

As time went by she came across an online site that allowed her to access an interactive chat room for a small membership fee. She became hooked and began to make herself available to men that wanted to talk dirty to her. She did not consider herself attractive, but she was very insecure with her body. She would talk to some of the men online and soon found out that her lack of self-confidence was showing in her appearance.

By the time she got home one night, Burrell had become a full blown internet star. She became known as “She Who Walk Before You” and her clients would stop by her office for private sessions with her. She realized that being beautiful was a good thing because no one wants to look at another woman, not even men, when they are viewing pornographic movies or magazines. She decided that there was a place for herself and she needed to get to know herself better.

Burrell decided to go on an audio book tour so she could read lots of different books and travel around the country to visit some places that she thought were interesting. During one of her stops, she met a black guy that was really into looking at photos of black women and he also loved to read stories. They went out together and the next thing she knew they were both married.

One night Anita Burrell and her husband were sitting on the couch. She was talking to him about the things that she liked about the different things he has done and how much she liked the way he kissed her. He asked her if she liked to kiss black women and she told him that she did and she was also interested in kissing black men. At that point, they were both fantasizing about what they wanted to do with other people and just having a lot of fun together.

Burrell’s husband got up from the couch and they began playing with her collection of vibrators. She then asked him to send her a message. It was a surprise because he had forgotten that she was interested in anything other than sex. With that, she asked him to tell her what his fantasies were and he did and it was then that she realized that there was something special that he liked about her.

They continue to be friends and she even lets him watch her get her sex toy out. She likes him to watch and see how she likes to be treated. Then she shows him her excitement and tells him all about her fantasies. He tells her all of his and they share a lot of wonderful times together.