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High Heels Ebony Anal


If you are looking for a way to make your legs look longer and thicker, you may want to try out wearing high heels with your Ebony anal. Many people that want to make their legs look longer also want to have more room in the butt.

Samanta De La Torre of the Jim Rome Show walks through a doggy style on top of a bed in high heels with a woman’s leg on each side of her that is just hanging out from under the sheet. The thighs are still very large, even though Samanta has the black skirt on underneath. Samanta tightens up the buttocks and shins to give the illusion of more space.

Samanta continues her doggy style by lowering her ankles onto the bed where the woman in the photograph is positioned while Samanta goes through the motions of laying on the floor facing down. The person who posed for the photo was asked to lean forward so that the legs are at an angle. With Samanta’s hips and knees slightly bent, her rear end points upward as the photographer takes the picture.

After the picture, Samanta goes back to doggy style and repeats the steps with the woman’s feet and other leg. It is very common for a woman to use black leggings underneath her skirt in the doggy style position to give the illusion of more space in the butt. A lot of women do the same thing, but they make sure that they are on their tip toes when they are sitting in a chair or on the floor in heels.

After the photograph, Samanta moves back into the doggy style and lowers her calves so that her ankles are on the floor. This technique allows the woman’s toes to slide forward giving the illusion of more space in the rear end.

Samanta also puts her ankles on the floor and raises her knees slightly so that her head is resting on the floor. This brings her more forward as well.

The second photograph shows Samanta sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and her feet facing the photographer and facing toward the photographer is lifting her low rise shorts that are mostly off. Samanta is wearing black stockings that are covered by her white linen skirt.

In order to make the legs look longer, Samanta also bends her knees slightly. She turns her toes up and lays her hands on the bed with her forearms on the pillows and reaches down to her toes with her toes. This makes her rear end point up as her foot steps on the bed with her toes up.