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In the new edition of Abigail Shall’s novel, “Whiplash by Whiplash,” Abigail finds herself getting into an argument with her ex-boyfriend, Bob, who has now discovered her new lover, a gorgeous, slender blonde named Claudia. As the two begin to move towards an intimate relationship, their arguments escalate from the romantic to the personal and finally become ugly shouting matches, causing Abigail to realize she’s fallen in love with her ex-boyfriend’s new love interest.

Abigail is in denial that she really does love Bob, but the longer she holds off, the deeper her personal connection becomes. Because of this, Abigail realizes her problem is getting him to love her back as well, and she needs to break free of her conditioning.

“Whiplash by Whiplash” has received a very positive review from both male and female readers. And because Abigail’s actions have caused her ex-boyfriend to fall in love with her, she receives the best sex of her life and vows to tell Bob how good it feels to have a sex appeal like her. And when she does, Abigail will discover that her boyfriend Bob is a very sexy man indeed!

It is an interesting twist to a well-known love story about a woman finding her true love, and Abigail soon finds out that he is someone a little more than just a little bit sexy. Claudia and Bob are not your typical, happy-go-lucky, non-romantic boyfriend and girlfriend. In fact, they might be too focused on their sex lives, which keeps the two of them apart for quite a while. That being said, it’s their intimacy that is what causes them to grow closer, and their relationship with each other becomes the new focus of their lives.

Abigail soon realizes that she can’t push her ex-boyfriend away with baby talk. The couple of lovers she feels are moving into an intimate relationship has no emotional entanglements, and that she has to understand and really appreciate this man for the man he is. What makes Claudia and Bob special is that their intensity and ability to connect on a sexual level is undeniable. To put it another way, they are a perfect match.

After a few more explosive encounters, Abigail finds herself sexually stimulated by Bob. The sensations seem so intense that she doesn’t know if she’s really enjoying them or if she’s turning into Claudia. If that were to happen, she would end up feeling tired, depressed, and resentful of her own feelings. Luckily, Abigail’s protective instincts keep her from hurting Claudia, even when he makes several suggestive comments about a possible romance.

It is at this point in Abigail’s emotional development that readers are compelled to see the importance of intimacy in a relationship. The relationship between Claudia and Bob must become more than just companionship. We can’t help but feel empathy for Claudia, Abigail, and their newfound intimate connection. In the end, Abigail feels it necessary to leave Bob behind and return to the fact that her own life is more important than hers.

Although Abigail fell in love with Bob in the first chapter of the novel, by the end, readers will realize that it is not only his physical appeal that makes him a perfect partner for Abigail in a romantic relationship. It is also Abigail’s emotional bond with Bob that makes the couple reach a new, heightened state of closeness.