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There is nothing better than a true lover who gets you so worked up that you lose all control and are left gasping for breath. Miillysexy knows how to make her lover scream, how to use your self-deprecating humor to get a reaction out of him, and the ability to drive her lover wild and willing to do almost anything to please her. Miillysexy doesn’t rely on words alone to achieve this kind of passion and intensity in a man. She uses her body to drive her man wild and leave him wanting more.

Edward Madison was a very proud and accomplished career man with a great career ahead of him. But he had a secret. A secret that would keep him in a state of indecision. Ed was nothing if not indecisive, and that was what made him fall in love with Miillysexy.

He couldn’t tell his wife, and it was starting to get to her, so he and Ed parted ways. But Ed’s case wasn’t unusual, and millions of men have felt Miillysexy’s passionate attraction to them and fell in love. Every man who is able to hold back his pride long enough to be with her knows that his life will change forever.

Edward Madison was driven by a secret he couldn’t afford to share with his wife. He didn’t want her to know about the time he worked a cash cow with a corporate lawyer when they were both attorneys. But, being Edward Madison, he figured it would be best to get rid of the hustler’s tag and use the money to build a good future for himself.

Job building wood trucks was what he thought his wife would expect when she found out that Edward Madison worked in the corporate world, but he was wrong. He didn’t even tell her he had been working for a company that built ships. At first, his wife was upset, but after a few days she realized that he wasn’t just using the money to find her. She fell for Edward Madison and kept his secret.

The job was an important position and he used his connections with the company to land the position and pick the name Edward Madison, making sure his name came up repeatedly throughout the process. The young women that worked for him seemed to respect him, while the old ones did not. Only Miillysexy really knew he was in charge of choosing new models for the clothing line. He would never get caught, at least not with Miillysexy, but he wanted to be certain she was happy. He took the new model out to lunch, asked her questions about herself, and wrote her up for the company bio-paper.

It was one of those nights where Miillysexy could barely sleep and began to feel her stomach twisting inside of her and making her want to make Edward Madison pay. It was the night of the dinner and dance and the company was throwing a party. Edward was busy writing the story for his autobiography and she was going to work. They spent the evening sitting in the pool and discussing the job. As the evening wound down she noticed him kissing the girl that had broken his heart.

He was going to take the girl out for dinner after work and tell her that he was staying home and had something on the book writer’s future. When Miillysexy found out, she made her move right away and asked the other woman to move in with her. Edward had never had anyone so close to him before, and she couldn’t wait to tell him about it. Soon the two were as close as one can be and Edward Madison had to wait until the next day to learn what Miillysexy wanted to tell him.