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Ebony Wearing Heels Pleases Herself


Britney’s “slut” comment has reached the ears of a number of folks who are outraged by it, but, as a woman and mother of two boys, I’m among them. For me, the comment is upsetting for many reasons. For one thing, a woman who knows what a good mother she is, should know that to state that she enjoys a certain act does not make it right.

And that’s exactly what the American Idol contestant, Britney Spears, said when she was asked if she’d rather be with a man who wears his own pants or a man who wears her clothes. The assumption was that Spears was suggesting that men who wear their own clothes will find a way to take her panties off, while men who wear Britney’s clothes will not find a way to take them off.

Of course, there are plenty of men who find ways to take their ladies’ panties off, and there are plenty of women who enjoy wearing men’s clothes. The purpose of the statement was to make people uncomfortable, not to make an accusation.

Also, there is no place in the world for innuendo is not a two-way street. Those who say that a man who wears his own clothes is the same as a man who wears the woman’s clothes, just want to imply that all men are sexual predators who will sexually harass the women they want to please themselves. That’s a grossly oversimplified view of things. It’s just another way to devalue women.

When my sons were young, Britney showed up on the TV show Top Model wearing shoes that were not her regular size. While everyone was talking about her old times on the popular show, nobody said a thing about the fact that she left school at age sixteen because of an eating disorder. We’ve heard a lot about the advantage of being thin or having a “thick” body, but no one would have called her an eating disorder victim because of it.

I know from experience, that skinny women, who have no upper arm muscles at all, will sport shoulder pads that are far too large, just to show off their six-pack abs. I remember how my sister would wear so much makeup, to hide her bumps and bruises, just to fit in. And when I say “fit in,” I mean, there were not a lot of bodies that she fit in.

To think that someone can sit on a soap box and proclaim that they’d like to be with a man, who wears their own clothes, is unbelievable. In the same way, I was amazed when I read that Britney wouldn’t wear any underwear at all to perform in a concert. I could not even think of anything more ridiculous.

So, for me, I agree with those who say that Britney Spears is not a feminist icon because she’d rather be with a man who wears his own clothes. If they were truly feminists, they’d support feminism, and not defame it because of a few flip flops.