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Ebony Wants To Be Licked


So, what is it that ebony wants to be licked for? While that’s not the question that Nicky Knowles is here to answer, it is one of the interesting side issues of his affair with Ava Gregory. Nicky is having an affair with a married woman. The name of this woman, Ava, has come up during some of the sessions of Nicky’s phone calls with Ebony.

When Ebony finally confronts Ava about her infidelity, Nicky is surprised and taken aback by how much Nicky knows about her husband’s personal life. Here are some of the things Nicky knows about Ava’s husband, which he won’t divulge to anyone:

First off, Nicky knows that B.C. Woods has been with Ava’s husband, Nicky, since high school. He also knows about his friendship with Ebony and how she first met Nicky.

Also, Nicky knows that Ava loves the taste of white Cologne because that’s what she’s wearing to bed with Nicky. This, of course, is very disturbing to Nicky because Ava has a boyfriend and isn’t dating him. Because Nicky is certain that Ava’s husband is so insecure about his body odor that he wears Cologne to bed with his mistress, he doesn’t want to be caught by Ava’s husband sniffing Nicky’s Cologne when he has sex with Ava.

Nicky knows that Ava’s husband keeps track of all of the dates that the two of them have together. She is convinced that the only reason why Ava allows Nicky to go out with her on certain dates is to give Nicky something to complain about in her journal. Also, because Nicky says that she’s never known Ava to actually care about Nicky’s feelings, Nicky assumes that Ava’s husband only gets annoyed when Nicky gives him less than perfect sex. “I can understand him being jealous,” Nicky muses, “but I would love to see him get angry.”

Lastly, Nicky knows that Ava’s husband finds Nicky attractive and makes sexual advances toward her. For a woman like Ava, who has always loved to please her man and find ways to get him to orgasm, this is not a problem. It is all part of the game.

From the first day they met, Ebony felt very uncomfortable with the fact that Ava was trying to seduce her husband and the two of them were having an affair. Ebony knew that Ava was cheating on her husband, but because she thought Ava was keeping this part of her life a secret from her, she was unaware of what exactly was going on.

Nicky wants to be licked for, but he knows that at the end of the day, Ava’s husband will still be home with her and that the next time they meet, everything will be different. He will have changed the way he feels about Ava. In the meantime, it is interesting to learn how much Ava knows about Nicky’s life outside of their relationship and why she is willing to risk it all for him.