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Ebony Alexaa Jackson Is Proud Of Her Asshole


You might wonder if the man behind the video for her new song is proud of his asshole? The answer is, kind of. And she doesn’t like to show it!

You might have seen Nicki Minaj on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards and you may have noticed the hip-hop diva’s butt crack as she swayed in the back of a limo. You may have even noticed that Nicki had her “butt out” of the frame, her asshole a little too well exposed. Some people couldn’t help but notice this little bit of flesh as she danced and laughed with all of her well-endowed friends.

Ebony Alexander Jackson, better known as “Alexaa Jackson”, released a song called “My Asshole” along with Nicki Minaj. The singer released the song to celebrate the publication of her upcoming autobiography, “Sissy That Walk”.

Ebony Alexander Jackson is real life ex-black female porn star who has achieved the “C” List by virtue of her wild antics and sheer vulgarity in the early years of her career. She released her second album entitled “Sissy That Walk” and had quite a bit of controversy around her, especially in regard to the subject of “asshole”. She had not revealed anything about her earlier career in the past, so many wanted to know what was her real reason behind the song.

Ebony Alexander Jackson has had a lengthy career in the adult entertainment industry and has collaborated with names such as, Naughty By Nature, Nicole Aniston, as well as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Shakira. In addition, she has also appeared on numerous television shows, namely The Soup, MTV’s Pimp My Ride, and countless others.

Ebony Alexander Jackson was asked by People Magazine about her own interest in the topic of her song. She said: “I’ve never wanted to show my private parts before. I think I’d feel more comfortable with someone else’s watching me, but if it’s my boyfriend and he’s going to be in the video then I don’t mind.”

Ebony Alexander Jackson has a young daughter named Ima and has admitted that she regrets having the song. In fact, she said; “I am not proud of my asshole, but it’s a good song.”

Alyssa Milano chimed in on Ebony Alexander Jackson’s self-castigation. A former child star herself, Alyssa Milano said that the performer had a “sick”toxic” attitude when she tried to sneak the song out of its place without informing the MTV editorial staff. Alyssa Milano recalled that she and her father were driving on the freeway when the person behind them started singing the song in a very loud voice and they started cracking up: “My Asshole” was then replaced with “Wish I Was Naked”.