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Classic Doggy By Ebony Hottie


The Classic Doggy is a book I got a hold of many years ago and have read it often. There are a lot of different reasons why this book has stuck with me, but the main reason I decided to buy it back in the late 90’s was to find out more about Dannam Brown. I had always been curious as to why Brown kept getting involved in juvenile delinquency.

I knew that there were several problems, but wasn’t quite sure how the kids in the book felt about Brown. I was even starting to get a little bit frustrated because I just didn’t know what happened. One day, I was flipping through an old paperback edition of the book, and it hit me like a ton of bricks: How did Brown get into trouble?

One of the stories, “When They Called Me a Naughty Dog” focused on Brown and his family’s house being broken into, and then all of the doors to the house were kicked in. Brown was home when the house was broken into, but was nowhere to be found when the police showed up. He and his mother were arrested for the crime.

“The Lost Brother” was a story about Brown getting busted for selling marijuana. He was one of the lucky ones who had drugs on him, but Brown ended up getting caught in a sting operation where the agents were investigating a drug dealer. Brown was shot in the stomach with a tazer gun while he was still in the hospital but he was able to survive and is now back at school.

Brown and his brother were thrown in jail for two days, and they were then released in a stroke of luck, since the suspect was no longer in jail. Brown was then ordered to turn himself in, and he went and stayed at Brown’s uncle’s house.

Brown was now in the movie system, where he was told to work on finding a job while serving time. When it came time for Brown to go back to court, he was told that if he didn’t go back, he would end up in prison for the rest of his life.

I decided to give Brown’s story a try myself, and it turned out that I had a whole new perspective on Brown’s story after reading this book. Dannam Brown seemed to be an interesting character, and maybe I should have known better than to trust him so easily.

If you’re interested in trying a look inside the mind of the most notorious young criminal in history, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Classic Doggy: The Curious Adventures of Dannam Brown. I’m pretty sure it will change your life.