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Caprice Kimbell Wants You Right Now


Caprice Kimbell wants you right now to dream big, make a positive and courageous decision, and believe in yourself. This is exactly what she is doing in her new book, Your Dream Wedding – Wedding Planning Made Easy!

But is Caprice the best wedding planner? Is it possible to get all of her advice on how to plan a wedding right from the horse’s mouth? Well, it certainly is, so here is my experience in interviewing Caprice Kimbell on your dream wedding.

The book title, Your Dream Wedding – Wedding Planning Made Easy! was printed on the front cover of Your Dream Wedding – Wedding Planning Made Easy! Let’s see if this book is one hundred percent correct.

Caprice Kimbell said that the first step in the wedding planning process is to take inventory of your expectations. This is a crucial part of any successful wedding planning process. You need to set down your dream wedding and the fact that you are willing to pay for the services of a professional wedding planner. It is OK to budget for the planning, but it does not have to be extravagant. It is all about identifying your expectations and taking an honest look at what you can afford, but at the same time making sure that you are living up to your commitment to hiring a professional wedding planner.

As well as telling you about what you expect out of your wedding, Caprice Kimbell also gives you her personal “Take Five” to help you with the planning process. Take it from someone who has been married herself. She gives you her “Take Five” checklist and the details on how to go about making the wedding you really want and not what anyone else wants. The end result is a truly special wedding that leaves you dreaming about your big day again and again.

On page four of Your Dream Wedding – Wedding Planning Made Easy! are her “Six Scars You Should Not Shed” list, which will be the perfect addition to your wedding planning checklist. They include: If you are planning to eat before your big day, DON’T. A newlywed bride needs to pay attention to her body. Eat before the wedding and cut back on your sweets!

When talking about “Beware of the Lazy Bride,” which reminds you of the Elizabeth Taylor classic film, You Me Her Caprice Kimbell lists the things that you should know, like the fact that you may want to bring a “food emergency” and the correct steps to start your wedding preparation. Be prepared to save your food for AFTER the wedding and not before. Also, if you plan to bring a guest, then you need to make sure that they too have their own space and can stay until the ceremony is over. Don’t be a slow starter, and be prepared to leave some surprises for the happy couple. There is no point in forcing them into something that they would prefer not to do.

All of the “Take Five” tips on page one of Your Dream Wedding – Wedding Planning Made Easy! will keep you on the right track, and hopefully beyond. Finally, on page five, are all of the different roles you will be playing while planning your wedding and then take a look at the different roles that your guests will play at your wedding party.