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Biteable Chocolate Ass Twerks For You


Jessi Akers is your average dumb blonde living a boring life with a husband who loves blow jobs but is too embarrassed to perform oral sex on her. Unfortunately, his mouth is a lot more pleasant than yours is, so he’s turned on by the thought of being able to put his tongue between your lips and bite you as if you were some sort of chocolate ass Twinkie.

Jessi Akers has no one to blame but herself for feeling this way. She could have done better with how she handled things while married to her husband. But, being the classy woman that she is, she stayed loyal to him and never, ever tried to turn their friendship into something more.

If Jessi Akers had been more vocal about her frustration with the lack of sexual satisfaction she received from her husband, it could have motivated him to change things for the better. But, instead, she settled for the “you’re going to be a sexless husk of a human being forever if you don’t get with the right girl” mantra, and with that, she thought.

However, Jessi Akers does not actually have to live her life like that. There are all sorts of ways to turn her husband on without having to remind him that he is a man who was only made for one thing: oral sex. This is because he still fantasizes about it with the slightest hint of a whimper or blush in his voice, which means that he is as ready as ever to use his tongue, his fingers, or both to please his woman and satisfy her as much as possible.

The first step to turning her husband on for oral sex is to open up a dialogue with him about it, because most women do not. Having a verbal strategy in place is important because you are sure to get his attention if you do it in a subtle way. A few quiet words here and there while you are cleaning out the dishwasher or eating your lunch can really drive home the point that you are glad that you decided to do this oral act that he is so embarrassed about.

Even if you have not already given him oral in the past, Jessi Akers has demonstrated that she can get her husband interested in oral sex for the first time. You do not have to use those hand tied toys you might have found at the store either. Instead, just ask your husband what he wants and gets a little sad or frustrated when he cannot deliver what you want.

Although this will not get you the same results as talking about it will, it is still a good way to get Jessi Akers to come to you when she wants her mouth filled with pleasure. She is simply too confident of herself to be shy about the subject, so expect her to blow your mind and make you want to kiss the air.

You can even start a conversation about what you two have been up to together by letting Jessi Akers knows that you enjoy spending your days outdoors. This can really drive home the idea that you two are living the dream and that you are ready to begin the process of enjoying sex on a regular basis. Once you talk to your man like this, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to turn him on to oral sex than you imagined.